Irish Greyhound Registration

Use this form if you have a greyhound currently registered in the Irish (or other recognised) Stud Book and need him or her to be registered with the GSB – whether as a Brood Bitch, Stud Dog or for Coursing (if/when Coursing under NCC Rules is allowed by Law)


£10 if the dog has one owner. If there are partners in the ownership add £5 per partner (ie if two people own the dog, fee will be £10 + £5 + £5 = £20).

Stud Dog Registration

Use this form if you wish your dog to be registered as a Stud Dog with the GSB. If he is British Bred he will already be registered with us, you just need to register him additionally as a Stud Dog. If he is not British Bred, and therefore not already registered with the GSB, you must also complete a Irish Greyhound Registration form.


Stud Dog Registration Fees: £25 annually, from January – December.

Authority to act

Use this form if you as the owner of a greyhound wish to give a third party, or Agent, authority to Act on your behalf in matters relating to the dog, including signing of Mating certificates but not including Transfers of Ownership unless otherwise notified.


£10 per annum, per owner. If the greyhound has more than one owner, each must sign. The agent also must sign.

Irish transfer of ownership

Use this form if you have an Irish greyhound that you need to register with the GSB, but the dog’s Irish ID card is still in the name of the previous owner.


£18 for one owner, plus £9 for a partnership (second owner).

Re-registration and transfer

Use this form if the ownership of a greyhound registered with the GSB has changed, and/or if you wish to change the greyhound’s registered name. If more than one owner is involved, each must sign. You can also use this to declare that the greyhound’s original GSB ID Book has been lost, and request a Duplicate.


  • Within 28 days of change of ownership: £15
  • After 28 days but before 6 months: £20
  • After six months: £25
  • If partners are involved add £5 per partner – eg two owners within 28 days = £25 three owners within 28 days = £30
  • Fee for a change of Name: £15
  • Issue of Duplicate Identity Card: £10
  • Issue of Duplicate Certificate of Registration, Naming and Identification: £5

Re-Registration and Transfer for Retired Greyhounds

Use this form if you have a retired British Bred greyhound or are retiring a British–bred greyhound, so that the new owner’s new contact details are properly recorded. This is important for reasons of welfare.


There is no fee for this, unless the original ID Card has been lost, in which case you will need to pay £10 for a duplicate. If at a later date the new registered owner wishes to breed from, or race, the retired greyhound, then the appropriate Transfer fee will fall due so that the greyhound’s registration can be made “active” again.

Syndicate Registration

Use this form if you wish to register a Syndicate.


£25 per annum, January to December.

Prefix application

Use this form if you wish to register a Prefix, a word or phrase which only you, or people to whom you give permission, will be able to use as the first word/s of a greyhound’s name.


£25 for five years. We will write to you when your Prefix is about to expire to ask you whether you would like to renew it.