The Hunting Regulatory Authority

Whereas the National Coursing Club (NCC) is a member of the Hunting Regulatory Authority, and recognizes the HRA as the independent regulatory authority of coursing, as provided for in its Memorandum and Articles of Association, and whereas the NCC has agreed:

  • To adopt in its Rules the following Fundamental Principles and requires its member clubs to adhere to the same, namely:
    • Every coursing activity shall be carried out in a manner which avoids unnecessary suffering
    • Every person engaged in any coursing activity must at all times act in accordance with the law
    • Every coursing activity must be carried out in a way that respects wild, farm and domestic animals and property including land, trees, crops and watercourses
    • All reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that coursing activities are only carried out on land with the permission of the owner, tenant or occupier of the land in question
    • Every coursing activity must be carried out in a way that respects any other lawful activity being carried on by any other person on the land or in the vicinity
    • No-one may carry out any coursing activity that is likely to bring coursing into disrepute
  • To to adopt such other rules as appropriate to the activities of coursing as approved by the HRA
  • To be bound by and enforce complaints and disciplinary procedures prescribed by the
    HRA (including any sanctions imposed in respect of any breach thereof)
  • To appoint an Association Complaints Member for the purposes of dealing with complaints and disciplinary matters in accordance with the HRA Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure

The Commitment of the Member Clubs to the HRA

  • The member clubs of the NCC shall adhere to each of the Fundamental Principles as set out above
  • The member clubs of the NCC shall be bound by the Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures as prescribed by the HRA and, where so required, enforce these procedures