15 Jan 2011

Nottingham Produce Stakes to go after 2012

British bred pups whelped in 2011 will only be eligible for entry in one Produce Stakes, rather than two as before. The Nottingham Breeders Forum Stakes has sadly fallen victim to the tightening purse-strings of the British Greyhound Racing Fund, and Breeders Forum secretary Bob Gilling reports that the event – which has been popular with breeders of autumn / winter litters as it is traditionally held later in the year than the long-established Swindon Produce Stakes – is no longer financially viable. The Forum will continue to support the Swindon Produce Stakes – and also the various other prizes including £2,000 to the breeder of the British greyhound progressing furthest in the English Derby.

*Breeders please note: the 2012 Nottngham Produce Stakes for greyhounds whelped last year will still take place, but when you register your litters from now on, you will only receive one set of entry forms.