28 Jan 2012


In support of the Anglo-Irish Coursing Stakes held in Ireland, the AICC will be holding a LURE MEETING at Great Habton, Amotherby, near Malton, North Yorkshire, on Sunday 19 February 2012; first In Slips 11.00am
Contact Arron Atmore (01429 836959) or Louise Dale (01653 693056) if you have any queries or are interested in entering a dog.
1. The TRIM Stake for 8 All Aged Dogs at £20.00 each. Winner £100.00 and Trophy,
runner up £50.00
2. The BALBRIGGAN Stake for 8 All Aged Bitches at £20.00 each. Winner £100.00 and Trophy, runner up £50.00
(First round losers from stake 1 and 2 to go into purse for 8 All Aged Winner to receive trophy)
3. The CARLOW Stake for 8 Track All Aged at £20.00 each. Winner £100.00 and Trophy,
runner up £50.00
4. The BANDON Stake for 8 Puppies at £20.00 each. Winner £100.00 and Trophy, runner up £50.00
5. The SEVENHOUSES Stake for 8 Whippets at £10.00 each. Winner Trophy; Purse for first round losers, winner trophy
ALL ENTRIES to be received by 15 February 2012, draw to be held on 17 February. All prize monies are dependent upon stakes filling, and will be adjusted accordingly. ID cards for all dogs MUST be provided to slip steward. All dogs must run in muzzles. All entries accepted under AICC rules. All entries at owners’ risk. AICC accepts no responsibility for damage to any person, animal or vehicle in any manner whatsoever.
Entry to field is upon purchase of card and all persons will be required to purchase a card to gain entry, including organisers.
Sponsors welcome! Please contact the AICC (01429 836959) if you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this event!
All funds raised to be used by the AICC for coursing stakes to be held at various meetings in Ireland during the season 2012/13. These stakes will be open to all greyhounds. 
AICC, St Marys Cottage, Monk Hesleden, Co Durham; Tel; 01429 836959